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At Clearly Speaking, I strive to make you feel like family.  It is important to feel comfortable with your child's therapist and I want you to feel at home.  I am here to answer your questions, assist with scheduling, and show you ways to make your child's goals transfer into everyday life.  I see you as an extension of my family and have a special desire to teach you everything I can to make your child successful in communication, eating, and learning.  
speech therapy staff

Jean Brandon,


​Jean Brandon, owner and founder, grew up in Dubuque, IA and graduated from the University of Iowa with her BS degree in Communication Disorders in 1992.  From there she completed her MA in Speech-Language Pathology at Southeast Missouri State University in 1994.  She has worked with children and adults in hospitals, home health, long-term care, outpatient offices and in schools.  She dreamed of having her own private practice while in graduate school and the dream came to fruition in 1999.  Since then, the business has grown to specialize in pediatric speech-language pathology.

Feeding and swallowing therapy is considered to be Jean's specialty.  She possesses a deep understanding of the feeding process from newborns through the elementary years.  She has assisted infants in learning to successfully accept a bottle and drink with compensatory strategies.  She has helped babies transition from baby food to table food and work on sensory problems and aversions to increase a range of foods in the child's diet.  Jean is able to educate the parents so that skills and goals are carried over into the home setting so that the child is successful.  Consultation with other professionals to rule out other underlying problems may be necessary and Jean maintains an excellent relationship with other team members to assist the child.​

Jean has been married since 1996 and has a wonderful son.  She is an active member in her local church and is not bashful to pray for you and your child.  She loves to read, garden, and has a love for animals.

Jean Brandon
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