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A Message from Jean Brandon, MA, CCC-SLP

At Clearly Speaking, I strive to work as a team with the child and the parents.  I want you to know what I am doing with your child, how we will accomplih it, and why it works.  There are a number of therapists who can work with your child however I provide an often missing component that is missed - education.

I understand that you already have concerns about your child and I am here to support you.  If you suspect that your child's development is not quite on track, listen to that nudge and give me a call.  So many parents have reported back to me, "I knew there was something wrong about a year ago."  Early intervention is always the best and the therapy process is shorter as a result. 

First,  an evaluation will be conducted to identify struggles as well as strengths.  These will be compared to children who are the same age with the use of standardized testing.  Based on the results of the evaluation, I will make recommendations  for therapy if it is indicated.  Therapy sessions are held 1-2 times a week and last in duration from 30 to 60 minutes based on necessity.  Your child will be given a standing appointment so that you are able to schedule things around the therapy time each week.

Since education to the process is so important to me, parents are involved in the sessions as much as possible.  It is necessary to have some parents participate in the therapy session; for other children it is too distracting.  Either way, parents are given a verbal summary of what the child worked on, progress achieved, and a few ideas to work on at home.  Carryover of skills outside the therapy room is very important for the child to allow those concepts to be addressed over several days rather than only when the therapist works on them.  

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