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picky eater
normal development
sensory integration

Picky Eater?  or Problem Feeder? 

Does your child eat at least 30 foods?​

It is important to eat a variety of foods including fruits, vegetables, proteins, and carbohydrates.  If your child refuses one of these foods types or avoids a certain texture, he may be more than just picky.  Intervention may be necessary as early as the toddler years to avoid burn out on some foods which can greatly narrow the diet over time.  If mealtime is a battle, contact us so we can help.

What is Normal?

How do I know?​

Children develop at different rates in a wide range of areas.  It is difficult to know if your child is struggling in a certain area but it is likely that if you are concerned, there is a valid reason and you should pursue testing to find out.  Talk with your pediatrician if you have questions.  Early intervention is always best rather than waiting to "see if it will get better with time". Don't worry about your baby as you watch him sleeping.  Get answers to your questions and act. 

Sensory Integration

Does your child seem out of sync?​

Sometimes children struggle with the processing of information that comes from their senses.  Textures can be averse or craved.  Sounds can produce a high level of fear or anxiety.  Smells can result in a meltdown.  The way foods taste can result in refusals.  The sight of certain things can bring on tears.  If this picture of children playing in the grass in bare feet and being shoulder to shoulder with another is merely a dream for your child, you might need to investigate sensory integration.  We can help in that process.

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